Tips for students to quickly find your match

You registered with the Careibu Babysitter community, great! Of course, you would like to find a nice family and start babysitting as soon as possible. With our tips, you can make sure that your profile stands out. By making your profile as extensive as possible, the chances increase that a family picks you as their babysitter!

  1. Choose a nice profile picture.

Pictures say a lot! Choose a nice and representative photo of you for your profile. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your future families. What would they like to know about you when looking for a babysitter?

  1. Be informative

Don’t only say something about your hourly rate and availability on your profile, but also take some time to give some information about yourself. Create a story with some personal information. What makes you a good sitter? Why do you like to babysit? Tell a little bit more about your experience with children. You can also add some information about what you like to do in your spare time.

  1. Let us check your profile

The profiles of the Careibu Babysitters are verified in several ways. The online intake consist of a personal interview with one of our team members. It is possible to use the app and accept request from parents without the interview, but the parents will pick you much quicker if you have a verified profile. Therefore, register yourself quickly for our online intake. You can pick a time and date here.

  1. Accept babysitting requests

You can find open requests from parents in the app. Do you see a request that interests you? Send the parents your reply as soon as possible. You can also reject requests that you are not interested in. Do not forget to set filters so that you only receive requests that are relevant to you.

  1. Send a personal motivation

Did you find a great request? Send the parents an answer through the app. Explain shortly who you are and why you believe that you would be a great match for this family. Do you have experience with children that are the same age as the children of the family? Let the parents know! Be extensive. If your reply is personal and informative, parents will pick you as their babysitter more quickly.