Ten tips for cooking with children

Cooking together with children is more fun than cutting vegetables and cooking potatoes alone. Here are ten tips to help you have a fun and informative afternoon in the kitchen.  

  1. Take your time

When children help you in the kitchen the cooking probably takes a bit longer than usual. Make sure you schedule enough time.

  1. Expect a mess

Dirty dishes, food on the floor, or a glass that is knocked over: cooking with children can cause a little bit of a mess! To avoid mess, you could cover the table with a plastic table cloth, and do all of the food preparation there. Clean up together after the cooking, so that the kids realize that cleaning is an important part of cooking.

  1. Choose a suitable recipe

Preparation is everything with cooking. Choose a recipe that will be easy enough for the age of the children you are cooking with. Buy all ingredients and if you need any devices make sure that they stand ready in the kitchen.

  1. Dress up the children like real chefs!

Just like the real thing! Let the kids wear an apron and tie long hair up before cooking. You could also help the kids make hats from paper.

  1. Teach the kids about hygiene

You should explain to the children why it is important to wash your hands before you start cooking or why you need to wash a knife in between cutting raw chicken and vegetables.

  1. Explain the recipe

If the kids are old enough to understand, you can go through all steps of the recipe together with the children. You can explain to young kids what you will make and then give them suitable assignments.

  1. Cooking and Learning

Make your cooking experience educational! Explain where the ingredients originally come from or what other dishes they are often used in. You can also explain a bit more about different kinds of cooking methods.

  1. Try and taste

Try to cook with unknown ingredients and see if you can get the kids to taste everything. In this way kids learn about new flavours and textures. Set an example and try everything yourself first.

  1. Adjust to age

Give the kids age appropriate assignments. For example, young kids can wash the vegetables as the older kids stir the sauce.  

  1. Don’t forget to have fun!

The most important part of cooking with kids is having fun! Start with simple recipes and enjoy the delicious home-made dishes together!