Hiring a babysitter in Germany: These things you should keep in mind

Careibu helps mediate and make the process of bringing together babysitters and families easy. After Careibu finds your family a babysitter and you got to know this person, the last step is to hire this person. Here are some things you should keep in mind.

Register your babysitter

When you have found a babysitter, you have to register this person. If the babysitter doesn’t make more than 450€ per month, you can register this person as a ‘minijobber im Privathaushalt’. You can do this online at the ‘Minijobzentrale’. At their website more information about this process is available.  

You could also decide to hire the babysitter as a ‘Honorarkraft’ (freelancer). When your babysitter works as a freelancer, they have to write invoices and declare the income at the end of the year at the ‘finanzamt’. Freelancers are responsible for their own taxes and insurance. Here you can find more information on working as a Honorarkraft in Germany.


When you hire a babysitter, you should check your liability and accident insurance. Ask your babysitter if they have liability insurance or if the insurance of their parents also covers them. The babysitter should check with their insurance company for what they are covered for.  

Because your family hired a sitter, you are the employer and therefore responsible for accident insurance. You have to register the babysitter with the ‘gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung’ in Germany.  At the website of the ‘Unfallkassen’, you can find more information on this topic.

If you register your babysitter at the ‘Minijobzentrale’, they will in most cases take care of the accident insurance for you. Here you’ll find the information about this.  

Contract with the babysitter

You can make a contract with the babysitter in which you can make arrangements about expectations. For example, in the contract you could state the hourly wage, tasks for the babysitter and insurance. The advantages of having a contract are:

  • Fixed structures and rules through the contract
  • With a contract the cost for a babysitter can be put on your taxes

Here you can find an example of a babysitter contract.

Subtract babysitter cost from taxes

In Germany, the cost for a babysitter can usually be subtracted from yearly taxes as special expenses (Sonderausgaben). You can discuss the exact conditions such as invoices, contracts, and bank transcripts with your accountant.