How does Careibu screen our Babysitters?

The reliability of our babysitters is very important to us. Therefore, once babysitters register themselves with us, we invite them to complete a screening process. What do we check for during this process?

  • Student- and ID-card
    In order to verify the identity of our babysitters, we ask for a copy of the personal and student ID of every babysitter.

  • Admission talk
    After filling out an online application form, we invite every student to complete a screening with a Careibu employee. This screening consist of an online or in-person admission talk. During this conversation we check if the student is suitable for the job. It is important to Careibu that our babysitters are not only experienced with babysitting, but have a good and reliable character. We always ask about our babysitters’ past child care experiences, as well as skill they have that make them a better babysitter.

  • First aid & Babysitter certificate.
    If our babysitters completed a first aid course, or babysitter’s certificate, we also require a copy of these documents. We take these qualifications into consideration when we make a match between babysitter and family, and Careibu works to provide opportunities for babysitters without these qualifications to take courses in first aid or childcare.

We only match Careibu-Babysitters with families, when the admission talk and identity verification have been completed. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions about the screening process!