Babysitting: The perfect student job

The new semester will start shortly. Are you already worrying about getting a job after an expensive summer holiday? A student job could be a great solution! Waiting tables? Working at a call centre? Definitely not! Start working as a babysitter, the best student job you can have.

Babysitting is fun

Do you not want a student job because they are usually quite boring? That’s not the case for babysitting. Ok, changing a diaper might not be your favorite chore, but as a babysitter you mainly do a lot of fun things: baking cookies, building forts out of sheets, playing board games, and a lot of drawing. You are actually getting paid to do activities you loved as a child.

Relaxed and flexible working hours

Not so thrilled to work behind the bar till 06:00 in the morning when you have class the next morning? And maybe you want some extra time off during your exams? Understandable! As a babysitter you have relaxed and flexible working hours. If a family asks you to babysit till late in the night, you can finally have time to catch up with your favorite netflix show while your babysitting kids sleep.

Making contacts

Because of your job as a sitter, you can get to know people that you’d probably never meet otherwise. Nice families, that know the city very well and can make you feel welcome here. Or maybe you would like to babysit for an expat family, and learn some things about their language and culture.

A social student job

Babysitting is a very social job for students. You can make families happy with your work and contribute to the education of the kids. You learn not only how to look after kids from different ages, but you will be enriched by the creativity and exuberance of the kids you babysit.

You can make good money

How much money can you make? As with many other jobs it depends on how many hours you work. But you can define and adjust your own working hours and hourly rate. There is a lot of flexibility for babysitters – you can choose if you want to work on a ‘minijob’-basis. In any case, you are your own boss and decide for yourself for whom and how much you’d like to work.