Babysitter pay rates in Berlin

Families and babysitters can decide together on the hourly wage of the babysitter. How high are the babysitter pay rates in Berlin? And what influences the payment? In general, babysitters in Berlin ask about 10-12€ per hour, but the salary of a babysitter depends on many different things. These factors influence payment:

  • Experience
    It makes sense that babysitters with more babysitting experience can charge more money. Additionally, if the sitter studies something relevant such as education, the hourly rate can be higher.

  • Tasks
    The payment also depends on what tasks the sitter is required to do. If the sitter has to do some household chores or the family has three active kids that need to picked up from school, it makes sense that this babysitter charges a higher hourly wage.

  • Travel costs
    Berlin is a big city. Although Careibu always tries to connect families and sitters that live close to each other, sometimes it happens that the sitter has to travel a bit to reach the family. Families and babysitters should discuss compensation for long travel times or late night travel, as it may not always be easy to go back home with public transport late at night. In these cases, families should decide to pay a little extra for travel costs.

  • Daytime/nighttime
    Does the family only want a sitter at night when the kids are asleep already and the sitter only needs to be there and watch Netflix? For this, you could pay a little less. On the other hand, if you need a sitter early in the morning for an hour to bring the kids to school or daycare, a higher hourly wage would make sense.

  • Average hourly wage for a babysitter in Berlin
    The sitters from Careibu (with more than two years of experience) usually ask around 10-12€ an hour. However, many factors determine how high the salary is. Additionally, German minimum wage laws need to be followed.