Babysitter checklist: 9 things to discuss with your babysitting-family

If you find a family to babysit for with Careibu, you’ll probably arrange a meeting to get to know each other. It is wise to make some arrangements about the babysitting straight away to make sure that both you and the family have similar expectations. You can discuss the following things. The babysitter checklist:

  • 1. Payement
    Careibu Babysitters and families can decide about the hourly wage themselves. Therefore, it is important to make clear agreements.

  • 2. Start- and end time
    Discuss with the family the exact times that you are suppose to babysit. Of course it could happen, that the end time is not set yet, because the parents don’t know yet what time they will be back home. In that case, be clear about your availability and let the parents know in time, if anything changes.

  • 3. Contact information and emergency numbers.
    Hopefully you’ll never need to, but it is very important to know who to call in case of an emergency. Make sure the family gives you contact information to reach out to the family while they are gone. It is also practical to know the WIFI-password.

  • 4. Your tasks as a sitter.
    Ask the family what they expect of you. They may want you to take the kids to sport practice, cook them dinner at night, or do some household chores. If some chores are requested of you, it may be reasonable to ask for a slightly higher hourly wage.

  • 5. Excursions and (outdoor) activities
    Discuss with the family if you can take the kids on little excursions. It is good to know under which circumstances you are allowed to do so. Maybe you just need to send a whatsapp message to the parents when you leave their apartment. The kids probably would like to play outside as well and most families can tell you exactly in which area the kids can play safely. Or ask about the best playgrounds in the neighborhood. Additionally, if you are required to take the kids on public transportation, ask about your family’s expectations regarding this, if the children are old enough to need a ticket, do they have a monthly schoolchildren pass?

  • 6. House Rules
    Every family has different rules. Can the kids watch television in the afternoon? What time do they need to go to bed? What things can you use as babysitter (like Netflix, Telephone, etc.)? Make arrangements about the house rules. It makes babysitting easier for you and it means that the parents know what to expect when you are babysitting. You can adjust your babysitting style to the demands of the family, but you can also express your own opinion on the job. For a happy family and babysitter, it is important that everyone is comfortable with the situation and expectations.

  • 7. Food and drinks
    It is very important to know if the kids have any allergies. You should also find out what they do and don’t like to eat. Also you might want to discuss the parents expectations on finishing one’s meal or giving out candy. Do think about yourself as well - are you allowed to take food and drinks or do the parents lay out something for you?

  • 8. Playdates
    The kids might want to play with friends sometimes. Ask the parents how they feel about this, and also indicate if you feel comfortable taking care of extra children. If you expect to babysit two children, but there are six kids present every week, this might be a bit unpleasant. But it would also be a bit strange if the parent pay you to babysit, and the kids are out playing at a friend’s house. Make agreements on how to deal with these situations.

  • 9. The Kids
    It is really important that the children feel comfortable around you. Ask the parents what you should be paying extra attention to. Maybe the kids are frightened of certain things? Or maybe there are activities that the kids really enjoy? Get to know the children and adjust your babysitting style to them, so that they trust you and you have fun together.

The most important thing is that you and the family know exactly what to expect. Communicate with the family you babysit for to prevent misunderstandings or disappointments from happening.

And don’t forget to have fun!